Vox Europa: Summer 2016

Summer Session in the Council of Europe – side event on religion’s impact on gender equality.

CoE summer 2016

The 2016 summer session of the conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe was filled with a large variety of debates and meetings. A great number of EBU-delegates attended especially to assist in the side event on religion’s impact on gender equality.

In addition to the working group and report on “Human Rights and religions”, Gabriela Frey proposed to organise together with the gender expert of the conference of INGO’s Mrs. Anne Nègre an inter religious debate entitled: “Are religions a place of emancipation for women? Progress and setbacks.”

To prepare this event a questionnaire “tracking down discrimination between men and women” has been sent out. Almost one thousand have been filled out and sent back. It will still take time to analyse and evaluate all the responses.

Representatives of the Abrahamic religions (Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox Jewish, Muslim) had about 10 minutes to speak about the situation and places of women in their religions.
Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo explained the place of women in Buddhism, during the time of Buddha and also in recent times.



As the time for a deeper going debate was limited, the next day the discussions continued and Dr. Carola Roloff (Senior Researcher Academy of world religions Hamburg) took an active role in the exchanges. During a third meeting suites to consider from discussions as well as an action plan have been elaborated. As the focus of the Council of Europe’s agenda lies on non-discrimination and an inclusive society our proposal to continue our research and work might have chances to be continued.

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