EBU statement on the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka

We would like to express our sympathy and sorrow to all the victims, their relatives and the people of Sri Lanka, in connection to the terrible terrorist attacks during Easter, one of the greatest celebrations for all Christians.

Buddhism is not only a religion, it is a way of life. As human beings, we must spread goodness and joy in the world, and help and support others as much as we can. We strongly condemn all forms of violence, hatred and harmful deeds against our fellow human beings, regardless of their ethnicity, cultural or religious background. These abominable terrorist acts concern us all and contravene completely human values such as freedom, loving kindness, compassion and peaceful coexistence.

We send our thoughts and prayers to those who have perished, the injured, and all others who suffered from the incomprehensible.

In such situations, it is of utmost importance to persistently stand up for the good, to work together for a caring culture to live in. We must continue to promote respect and loving understanding for each other so that we, our children and future generations can live in a more peaceful world.


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