RIMAY: Report on the international Conference “Humanism & Mindfulness, An Education for the XXI Century”

Short summary:

The international Conference “Humanism & Mindfulness, An Education for the XXI Century” was held in Karma Ling Institute, France last September.

The confluence of streams of thought and initiatives, expertises and experiences related to embodied cognitive sciences, stimulated the emergence of a vision and of numerous possibilities for innovations and cooperation, toward the implementation of Mindfulness as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

A copy left Open Mindfulness Training protocol is proposed to be shared.

Stitched Panorama

Stitched Panorama

Catalyse of a Vision

The conference gathers 700 people and 50 speakers among leading actors of Mindfulness based initiatives in Europe: Scholars, neuroscientists, teachers and contemplatives. It was supported by the renewed Philosopher and WWII resistant Edgar Morin, the Ecological philosopher Pierre Rabhi and Denys Rinpoché, heir of one the main Tibetan Buddhist transmission lineage. This Conference happen to be a kind of “catalyser” of numerous elements active in our environment: contemplative neuro-scientific researches studying meditation effect on brain and body functions, Mindfulness applications in health, educations and organisations fields, at school and at work, as well as its contribution to a global conciseness of environment and economical issues.


Mutual fecundations

The core of the conference focus on the mutual fecundations of our western humanist heritage (root of western ethic, culture and social democratic organisation) and Mindfulness embodied cognitive sciences or Buddhist contemplative tradition consider from its sources as well as in its good and questionable contemporary implementations.

The confluence of streams of thought and initiatives, expertises and experience sharing,  loving kindness and sharp intelligence with the strength of commitments gathered during this three days stimulated the emergence of a vision and numerous possibilities for innovations and cooperation. This vision is based on the mutual support of an authentic Mindfulness transmission and a strong humanist ethical view, both considered complementary and necessary conditions for the future.  The mutual fecundation of our humanist heritage with cognitive and contemplative sciences, Mindfulness with modern education know-how, could give birth to this vision and inspire the implementation of different researches and actions to be shared with our society.

Following this trend, we propose to initiate a process for Mindfulness to be accepted as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Break through commercial instrumentations

A book of the lectures will be edited and the videos of the lectures, panels and workshops  will be available on the website www.humanisme-mindfulness.net at the end of October.

The economic model of the Conference was based on free donation (dana – ‘participation consciente’) and we suggest this model to be adopted for Mindfulness transmission in general as a break through commercial instrumentations.


Open Mindfulness & Open Compassion Training

Denys Rinpoché, spiritual Director of Rimay Community, developed a secular Mindfulness protocol: the Open Mindfulness Training (OMT), copy left, creative common licensed (www.openmindfulness.net). This protocol aim at a contribution to authentic transmission of Mindfulness in its secular, non confessional aspects, matching the need and thirst for a non religious spiritual path in our post modern society.

The OMT protocol is the base of an international network of Mindfulness facilitators, the Open Minfulness Compassion Network, opens to all Buddhist organisations concerned by the preservation of an authentic Mindfulness transmission. The protocol could be adapted to Buddhist traditions contexts and facilitated by a council of Dharma spiritual directors. In this way Dharma teachers and traditional meditation instructors who wish, could be Mindfulness teachers bringing authentic transmission today’s Mindfulness fields as well as assuming a good and useful social function in various fields of education, health and care and organisations.

Lama Lhündroup

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The International Association of Buddhist Universities is calling for articles on the theme of BUDDHIST MINDFULNESS into the JIABU (The Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Universities) .

If you have articles or will write an article on Buddhist Mindfulness, please submit the research-paper or article to Dr. Dion Peoples, the Manager of the IABU, no later than 13 February 2016.

Dr. Dion Peoples
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