Rainbow Sangha: 11 June, Rome: Dario Doshin Girolami invites you to join the Pride

Centro Zen L’Arco officially participates to the Gay pride in Rome


The Roma Pride 2016 will take place on Saturday afternoon 11 June at 15:00 from Piazza della Repubblica through the center of Rome.

In 2012 Centro Zen L’Arco joined the Pride. It was the first time in Italy that a Buddhist Sangha officially participated at a Gay Pride.

Since then, every year we march in the Parade, manifesting the harmony of difference and equality – as a practice to actualise the Zen teaching expressed in the Sandokai, by Sekito Kisen.


The American-Japanese artist Kaz Tanahashi draw a “Rainbow” Enso (the infinite circle of Zen) and gave us permission to use it for the banner and T-shirts we all wear.


A great time in the sun as we, together with all beings, celebrate liberation and diversity.


This year we are planning to rent a truck and to sit meditation on it in the midst of the parade. You are all welcome to join us…

Dario Doshin Girolami


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