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Title: The Golden Path – A Myanmar Guide for Dhamma Seekers. Part 1: Planning and Logistics.

Author: Joah McGee

Publisher:  Pariyatti Publishing

Publication date:  15 April 2015

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This PDF (70MB) is printable to help facilitate those traveling. It can also be read on any eBook reader which can display PDF files, and on computers.

The Golden Path Project has hundreds of pages now in drafts that they hope to release soon (reflecting two years of research and literally hundreds of site visits and monk interviews throughout Burma).
Even on a voluntary basis, such an extended research raises high basic costs. Please keep this in mind when you make a donation. 


The Golden Path, or Shwe Lan Ga Lay, is a unique guide for Dhamma seekers who wish to develop in paṭipatti (practice) and pariyatti (theory) while in Myanmar, as well as to gain an appreciation of Burmese Buddhist and monastic life.

Helpful logistical information is supplemented with yogi anecdotes, historical background, scholarly research, authentic local voices, Burmese proverbs, original artwork, inspiring photographs, and wisdom from some of the country’s foremost monks, nuns, and meditation teachers.

Future editions will include detailed information covering hundreds of important monasteries, pagodas, and other sites throughout the Golden Land, as well as comprehensive discussion on proper behavior and customs while visiting these Burmese monastic sites, along with other cultural information.


Joah McGee was born in Oregon, grew up in California, and spent several years living in Japan. He first went to Burma/Myanmar in 2003 and was amazed how deeply the Dhamma was integrated into peoples’ lives there. Joah has been living, working and studying in Myanmar since 2007.

Joah McGee has spent the last two years leading a groundbreaking research project concerning meditation in Burma/Myanmar, the result of which is a printed guide to help all Dhamma seekers coming to ‘the Golden Land’. As the book is entirely a dāna project meant to be shared freely with all, Joah’s work is also strictly voluntarily, and he receives no renumeration for his part in the project.

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Stepping into the mix perhaps just in the nick of time is a crack team of volunteers, spearheaded by a man named Joah McGee, who are urgently striving to tear down the information barriers that prevent people from understanding, exploring, and appreciating Burmese Buddhism. They’re feverishly crafting a guidebook called ‘Shwe Lan Ga Lay’ that will chronicle the rich spread and deep history of the religion and present practical travel information.
This book will be of indispensable value to anyone looking to experience Buddhism first hand in Myanmar as well as to those with a more armchair style curiosity.

(Miles Bukiet in Elephant Journal)

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