Jai Bhim: full version of the Ambedkar School film for free during BAM 2016

Where do beggars come from? Where does their poverty have its origin? And why is it so hard to fight? Seeking for answers, Kurt Bauer and Kurt Krammer travelled to Sajokaza.

During the Buddhist Action Month (June 2016) you can watch the full version of this beautiful but confronting Ambedkar School documentary in here:

Sajokaza is one of the poorest villages in Hungary. Bauer and Krammer were confronted with shocking pictures and stories of exclusion and hopelessness.

But there is also a glimmer of hope: the Dr Ambedkar High School is trying to help Roma teenagers out of their miserable situation. They work in line with Buddhist inspired values and have connections with Amnesty International.

Only 1% of Romas can get the high-school graduation in Hungary.The aim of the school is to help Roma teenagers to do their final exam at the end of high-school. That is why their mission is important.

Trailer: Exit from Home of Poverty: The Dr. Ambedkar-Highschool in Hungary

As the ‘Dr Ambedkar-Highschool’ is an educational institution, this documentary seems apt to be shown to audiences at schools and colleges

DOCUMENTARY DVD – HD 18 min – 2015
© Kurt Bauer, Film maker and Director, 2015
Trailer: YouTube: Exit from Home of Poverty (Trailer)
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This film ist also available in German

Exit from Home of Poverty

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Comments at the General meeting of the European Buddhist Union in Berlin

Kurt Krammer reports from the first showing of the film: „I almost stopped breathing“ was the first comment of a delegate at the annual general meeting of the European Buddhist Union in Berlin after seeing the film „Dr. Ambedkar Highschool“. The 35 Buddhist representatives from all parts of Europe were stricken with awe witnessing the hopeless situation of Roma people in Eastern Europe. Together with others, however, I was relieved to learn about the incredible ray of hope shining forth from „Dr. Ambedkar Highschool“, a project enabling everybody to breathe freely again.


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