European Buddhist Magazine – Winter 2020/21

Welcome to the Winter 2020/21 issue of the European Buddhist Magazine.

The theme of our Winter 2020 edition (issue 6) is:  ‘What can we learn from this crisis?’

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Editorial by Ron Eichhorn, president of the EBU:

A monk asked Zen master Yun Men Wenyan (864 – 949 CE): “What are the teachings of a whole lifetime?” Yun Men said, “An appropriate response.”

In the past months, I have read quite a few articles in the media which pointed out that pretty much everybody seems to have an opinion about the Covid pandemic, but not much is heard from religious communities on this subject, at least not publicly. In days past, when there was a time of crisis, people used to turn to spiritual leaders for advice. They went to churches, temples, mosques and synagogues to get explanations and guidance, and they trusted in it.

This has obviously changed, and I guess it is a sign of the decreased relevance of religions and spirituality in people’s lives nowadays. But big questions need big answers, and we can’t expect politicians, television or influencers on social media to provide them. Buddhism is solving your problems, I always tell some of the new students who come to the temple in Berlin, of which I have the honor to be abbot. That’s not because your problems will disappear. But because through the Dharma, you will realize the actual nature of your problems and as a result, you become free from attachment to them and will be able to experience unconditional bliss.

The foundation of the Buddha’s precious teachings is the liberation from suffering, and it really is a very hands-on method. In this issue of our European Buddhist Magazine, we try to shed light on what this current situation is teaching us and what “an appropriate response” could be.

As always, it is our privilege to be able to present you a splendid collection of distinguished writers from the various Buddhist traditions represented in our membership. I do hope you will enjoy the reading.

My best regards in the Dharma, 

Ron Eichhorn / Mio Sop – President of the European Buddhist Union


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