EBU Conference 2018: Spreading Wisdom and Compassion in European societies

13-15 April 2018, Málaga, Spain

Join us in gorgeous Málaga for our latest get together: “Spreading Wisdom and Compassion across Europe“, held in the beautiful Benalmádena Enlightenment Stupa, close to the Mediterranean

Buddhism transforms lives for the better across the whole world. It helps us to resisting oppression, it assists us with the suffering and demonstrates that there is an alternative way of living that inspires us to live fulfilled lives, to being kinder and more compassionate with each other and to tackle local and international areas of conflict and disharmony.

The EBU has organized a new conference in Benalmádena, near Málaga, Spain, from April 13th until April 15th, 2018 to bring Buddhists from different European countries and from different Buddhist traditions and schools together.

If we unite, we can develop our voice in the International Buddhist arena, and if we unite the wise and compassionate voice of Buddhism will become more prominent and will enable us all to do more good in the world.

What can you do?

Come with us to the southern Mediterranean Sea, come together with other European Buddhists, and discover how we will find strength in the group. If you can not make it this year, please forward this email to your Buddhist colleagues and spread the word about the conference and about the EBU.

You will find the program on the link here. All speakers are donating their time, which has allowed us to set the low price at 150 euros for the whole weekend (or 70 euros per day). This price includes a vegetarian lunch and water, tea and coffee.

Any questions, please contact Ron Eichhorn who is organising the conference, on berlin@yunhwasangha.org

We look forward to meeting you!


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