Buddhism in Action: a European Buddhist Union event

1-3 April, Berlin

Dharma Mati Buddha

About the event

The program for our exciting EBU event in 2016 is taking shape, and we have confirmed a very good selection of speakers and workshops. There will be also be a separate room for Buddhist practice sessions and a „cinema“ where we will show Buddhist films provided by our member organisations. We are looking forward to an event which will strengthen the relationships between Buddhists in Europe, an opportunity to share ideas and skills, and for us to become inspired and encouraged to amplify the voice of Buddhism in Europe.

The event will take place in the beautiful Rigpa temple in Berlin and will start with an opening ceremony on Friday, April 1st, with the projected participation of the mayor of Berlin and dignitaries of other religions, followed by opportunities to openly discuss our views and experiences on being a Buddhist in Europe today, as well as lectures and workshops on many interesting topics, including:

„Buddhism and Women“, „The Practice of Meditation in the Prison of Rome – Italy“, „Social Buddhism in the Professional Environment“, „Family, the crucible to establish Buddhist values in society and in the world“, „The contribution of the Buddha to contemporary civilization“, „Getting enlightened by everyday life“, „The Limits to Growth“, „ Bringing mindfulness, awareness and compassion into secondary schools“, „The effects of meditation on the human brain“ and many more.


Speakers who have already committed themselves include: Jamie Cresswell, (president of the EBU), Gabriella Frey (Sakyadhita France), Dario Girolami (Centro Zen L’Arco, Roma), Ricardo Guerrero (Asociacion Hispana de Buddhismo), Prof. Kurt Matyas (Yun Hwa Sangha Europe), Claudine Shinoda (Reiyukai), Stephanie Debeuvais (Rimay Community), Rev Kaspalita Thompson (Amida Order), Munisha (Triratna Buddhist Order & Community), Zarko Andricevic (Dharmaloka Buddhist Community), Prof. Antonino Raffone (Neuroscientist), Ilona Evers (Jodo Shinshu), David Rycroft (Rigpa International), Karola Schneider (Diamond Way), Isabel Huet (Reiyukai), Patrick Duhoux (Reiyukai), Annalisa Migliorini (professional dancer, Rome)


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This conference is organised by the European Buddhist Union, the umbrella association of national Buddhist unions and Buddhist organisations in Europe – bringing Buddhists together so we can have one voice. Thank you very much, and see you in Berlin!

The organising team: Ron, Val, Satya, Dario & Ilon


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