European Buddhist Union 40th AGM issues statement on the refugee crisis

At its 40th Annual General Meeting the European Buddhist Union issued today a public statement entitled “A compassionate response to the European refugee crisis’.

Meeting at Rigpa’s Dharma Mati Centre in Berlin, the 35 or so participants wrote,

“…Seeing our fundamental interconnectedness with all beings, we recognise the “refugees”, “migrants” and “asylum-seekers” now streaming into Europe as people like ourselves, desperately seeking relief from suffering and longing for happiness. Regardless of their ethnicity or religion, may they find open borders and a refuge in Europe…”

Read the full statement.

At the end of the European Buddhist Union AGM weekend in Berlin, Munisha from the Triratna Buddhist Order talks to Martin Schaurhofer (Austrian Buddhist Society) and Žarko Andrićević (Ch’an, Croatia) about the current refugee crisis – and a Buddhist response.

Listen to the interview


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