Dagri Rinpoche case: EBU condemns any form of abuse

Dagri Rinpoche case: EBU condemns any form of abuse

In the past months, severe allegations were made against Dagri Rinpoche, who was also listed as a teacher by the FPMT, one of our member organizations. An independent report was commissioned and recently published on the FPMT website regarding the complaints (https://fpmt.org/fpmt-community-news/statement/nov-20-2020-update)

This is only the latest case in a troubling series of scandals. As the European Buddhist Union, we are very concerned about any form of abuse in Buddhist communities. Sexual misconduct, especially if perpetrated by Buddhist teachers, causes severe harm and intense suffering to everybody involved and affected by it. It is unjustifiable in every respect and must not be overlooked, downplayed or silenced. 

Sexual abuse that appears in a Buddhist context is a violation of the pure teaching of the Buddha and is very harmful in many aspects. It is our obligation to support and help all those affected, with wisdom and compassion as best we can. It is also imperative for us and our members, that at all times, we provide a safe and healthy environment for all practitioners in our communities.

We acknowledge and appreciate the effort of FPMT to have removed Dagri Rinpoche from its teachers list, to strive for transparency, to assess current safeguarding measures and for introducing safeguarding training and improved measures to help prevent misconduct in the future. 

We also clearly emphasize that those who suffer most, are those who are the victims of abuse. Many times, the unwillingness of institutions and their leaders to stop or address cases of abuse and instead to try to conceal them, is even more traumatizing for the victims. This approach is also extremely detrimental to the image and teaching of Buddhism in the West.

In order to help avoid ongoing abuse in the future, the EBU pledges to work towards establishing an independent professional counselling service for those who have experienced harm due to abuse.

EBU Council, Paris, 04-12-2020

EBU statement regarding alleged abuse of Dagri Rinpoche

(photo by Lahiru Supunchandra on Unsplash)


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