RIMAY Conference: Humanism & Mindfulness, an education for XXI° century

11-13 September 2015 – Arvillard – France

International Conference of the Open Mindfulness Institute

EBU member: RIMAY


This transdiciplinary Conference aim at fostering dialog and cooperation for an authentic and harmonious integration of Mindfulness in our humanist heritage, with a focus on the fields of education. The conference brings together philosophers, neuroscientist, psychologists, teachers and contemplatives, in a set of conferences, panels discussions and workshops.

Today, extensive scientific researches on Mindfulness and its numerous applications stand at the heart of new perspectives in the fields of scientific and social challenges of our time. In the fields of healthcare, education, management as well as in the broader and crucial issue of living together harmoniously here and now, the social integration of Mindfulness based training could be of a tremendous help to our world.

The conference propose four main issues :

1) Humanism & Mindfulness,

2) Contemplative Neurosciences researches and discoveries

3) How is it applied at school and at work ?

4) What contribution to the global crisis?

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