Buddhism and Women: Conference: Compassion and Social Justice

14th Sakyadhita International Conference


The 14th Sakyadhita Conference will be held in Indonesia at the Sambi Resort, located in the highlands on the outskirts of Yogyakarta. The tropical ambiance and spacious grounds at Sambi are an ideal setting for meditation, educational presentations, workshops, interactive discussions, and cultural exchanges. All voices are welcome at the Sakyadhita conferences: women and men, lay and ordained of all ages, nationalities, and perspectives.


Over many centuries, Buddhist women have made significant contributions to the spiritual and social well-being of their communities. Nevertheless, Buddhist women are frequently excluded from the processes that shape their communities, such as negotiations among religious, governmental
and social leaders. Decision makers and social activists may be unfamiliar with Buddhist women’s contributions, while Buddhist women may remain disconnected from the overarching issues that affect their daily lives. The 14th Sakyadhita Conference will provide an opportunity to discuss creating better connections between Dharma and the social and political dimensions of women’s experience. Together, we will explore how compassion and spiritual development can help shape a more just and peaceful world.


Arrival in Yogyakarta June 21–22
Conference dates June 23–30
Cultural tour July 1–2
Depart Yogyakarta July 3


Panel topics include:
* Diversity & Multiculturalism
* Trans-Buddhist Dialogue
* Pioneering Indonesian Buddhist Women
* In the Spirit of Compassion
* Bhikkhuni Ordination: Benefits & Barriers
* Equality, Respect & Lay/ Monastic Relations
* The Buddhism of Borobudur
* Feminism as Compassionate Activism

Workshop topics include:
* Zen Practice at Perfect Illumination Monastery
* Building a Smart-Living Community
* Honoring the Body in Buddhist Traditions
* Everyday Dharma for Future Mothers
* Rapping for Generations
* Buddhist Women’s Leadership & the Environmental Crisis
* Gender and Sexual Diversity
* and many others!

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All participants, including presenters and volunteers, are required to register for the conference and to pay the registration fee. The registration fee includes conference packet and all conference sessions. It does NOT include meals and accommodations. If you register online or by mail and forget to pay your registration fee, your registration will be canceled and you will have to begin the registration process all over again. Registration fees are non-refunable.

(All costs in USD)
Early bird registration by March 1: $60
Regular registration by April 15: $80
Late registration (by May 15th): $100

Two-day temple tour: $30
Meals (traditional Indonesian vegetarian, June 23-30): $80. Please note: There is no discount for fewer days or fewer meals.
Airport transportation provided on June 21 and 22 and July 1 and 3. On other dates, the charges will be $25-30 per passenger each way.



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