Berlin 2016: the first step in an ongoing process of EBU events …

Dear European Buddhists,

In April 2016 the EBU refreshed its tradition of hosting conference events.
During three days, 85 participants from 12 European countries gathered to attend over 20 talks, workshops and practice sessions on various topics, guided by the motto „Buddhism in Action“.

Hosted by Rigpa in their beautiful temple in Berlin, the event strengthened the relationships between Buddhists across Europe, created friendships and inspired new networks.

Many participants expressed how valuable this experience was, and that it was an important step forward for Buddhism in Europe in the sense that the mission of the European Buddhist Union will only come to life if we all cooperate together, transcending our traditions and lineages.

The idea of reviving these conference events is to create an ongoing process in order to foster mutual spiritual friendship and inspire each other for buddhist action. So the planning for the next such event already has started, with the likely venue being in Malaga, in the south of Spain.

We have created a survey after this recent event, with many people participating. The results of these collective ideas will help us to take our 2018 event the next level, which makes us very happy and excited.

An ancient asian proverb says: „The most important step in a thousand mile journey is the first one.“

We are grateful for this opportunity and are looking forward to a wonderful journey together.

Ron and Satya, on behalf of the organizing team.


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