Annual General Meeting 2018 in Adhisthana

Dear members of EBU,

I hope this letter finds you all in good health and spirit!

The next general meeting will be held from 27th up to including 30thSeptember 2018 in Adhisthana, the home of Triratna in the UK. We are thankful to our hosts of Triratna for their kind invitation. Please refer to their website for additional information:

On the 28th of September we will dedicate most of the day to the theme of “The role of Young People in the future of Buddhism”. We need your help in reaching your own membership to invite youthful Buddhists to Adhisthana. Please read the attached invitation carefully and give us your contribution in making this first “EBU Youth Day” a success.

The official part of the AGM will be held on Saturday 29th of September. You will receive a more detailed agenda of the whole weekend in general and the AGM in specific soon.

On Sunday, the 30th of September we will dedicate most of the morning to the theme of “Ethical and Moral conduct in Buddhist organisations”. An introduction will be given already on Thursday night.

Please register for the general meeting in Adhisthana through the following link: Ideally, travel plans should be made to arrive on Thursday 27th September, before 5pm, which is when we start, and to leave on Sunday 30th September, after lunch.

In order to properly prepare for the general meeting and the AGM, we are sending you the following documents:

  1. Invitation for “EBU Youth Day”
  2. Application for membership by Dharmaling in Slovenia
  3. EBU questionnaire filled out by Dharmaling
  4. Statute of the Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling
  5. Proposal for Textual Changes to the Constitution: supporting membership
  6. Why a Code of Conduct is indispensable in Buddhist Communities

Regarding the “Youth Day” I am asking for your support. Please invite young people from your organizations and Sanghas who are actively involved, so they can contribute to this meeting and also start a networking process.

The application for membership by Dharmaling Slovenia is unanimously supported by the council. Please read their application documents.

We also have a proposal for an amendment to the constitution: We would like to introduce a new membership category – “Supporting members”; these could be individuals or organizations, who wish to support the EBU and their mission by funding us with donations. As you will see in the proposal, these supporting members will not have voting rights. Most rules and regulations regarding the supporting members will be handled in the Standing Orders, so we can be flexible with it and change it as needed.
This proposal is a vital part of the EBU strategy for the next 3 years, which I will explain to you in detail during our AGM.

The 90 days available until the AGM may be used for your own internal discussion and preparation. However, if you have doubts, questions or suggestions regarding any of these documents, please don’t wait until the AGM to express them, but communicate them to me directly.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you in Adhisthana in September.

Best wishes in the Dharma,

Ron Eichhorn
EBU President


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