• EBU activities September 2nd, 2018

    Annual General Meeting 2018 in Adhisthana

    The next general meeting will be held from 27th up to including 30th September 2018 in Adhisthana, the home of Triratna in the UK.

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  • EBU activities April 27th, 2018

    Spreading Wisdom and Compassion in European Societies

    Report of the 2018 EBU conference  by Rev Satyavani Robyn

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  • United Nations February 28th, 2018

    European Buddhists call for a ban on ‘conversion therapy’

    On a scale rarely seen has a wide range of European Buddhist organisations and teachers expressed their solidarity with the victims of conversion therapy. Conversion therapy has no place in the modern spiritual world.

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  • EBU activities January 30th, 2018

    EBU Conference 2018: Spreading Wisdom and Compassion in European societies

    A new conference near Málaga, Spain (13-15 April) to bring Buddhists from different European countries and from different Buddhist traditions and schools together

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  • European affairs December 8th, 2017

    EBU President attends EU meeting with religious leaders

    New EBU president Ron Eichhorn gave a voice to Buddhism in Europe at this year's EU 'high-level meeting' with European religious leaders. This is his report.

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  • European affairs December 4th, 2017

    2017 Council of Europe Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue

    EBU participated in the 2017 Council of Europe (CoE) Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue

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  • Buddhist networks October 31st, 2017

    Chaplaincy network: The Inner Way – Buddhist Meditation in Rebibbia Prison

    ‘The Inner Way’ is a documentary dealing with the very first buddhist meditation course in an Italian prison, led by the zen priest Dario Doshin Girolami.

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  • EBU activities September 25th, 2017

    Malaga 2018: the next step in an ongoing process of EBU conference events …

    The next Conference Event 'Spreading wisdom and compassion in European societies' will take place 13-15 April 2018 in Malaga (Spain)

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  • Buddhism worldwide September 24th, 2017

    EBU condemns violence in Myanmar

    European Buddhists are concerned about the situation in Myanmar regarding the lack of respect for human rights and the use of violence with the loss of lives.

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  • EBU activities May 12th, 2017

    General Meeting and AGM 2017

    Lama Rincen and the Benchen Karma Kamtsang Centre are kindly hosting the EBU General Meeting and AGM 2017 (21-24 Sept, Jaktorów, Poland)

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  • European affairs February 21st, 2017

    National Buddhist Unions at the Council of Europe

    In January 2017 delegates of the EBU experienced a busy and exciting week while participating in the Session of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

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  • European affairs December 18th, 2016

    Meeting of the European Council of Religious Leaders with the EU on the challenges facing Europe

    The ECRL and the EU discussed among others mass migration and hate speech, and the possible roles religious leaders and inter-faith cooperation have in addressing these.

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