Declaration 01-03-2018 Original signatories

Declaration 1 March 2018 (UN day of Zero Discrimination):

Conversion therapy has no place in the modern medical and spiritual world


Original endorsing Buddhist organisations

  • Italian Buddhist Union (National Buddhist Union, Italy)
  • Buddhist Union of the Netherlands (National Buddhist Union, the Netherlands)
  • The Buddhist Cooperation Council of Sweden (National Buddhist Union, Sweden)
  • Asociación Hispana de Buddhismo (Spanish Buddhist Association, Spain)
  • The Rainbow Sangha (Buddhist LGBTI network, European network)
  • Sakyadhita France (Association of Buddhist Women, France)
  • Centro Zen L’Arco (Zen Buddhist Monastery, Italy)
  • Amida Shu (Pureland Buddhist organisation, UK)
  • Association Reiyukai France (Reiyukai Buddhist Association, France)
  • London Shambhala meditation centre (Shambhala, Vajrayana, UK)
  • Haus Tao, Zen meditation centre (Sati-Zen, Switzerland)
  • Mandala Samten Ling, Tibetan study centre (Drikung Kagyu tradition, Vajrayana, Italy)


Endorsing organisations Part A (United Kingdom, 16 January 2017)

  • The Royal College of General Practitioners 
  • The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists 
  • The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy 
  • The British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies 
  • The British Psychoanalytic Council 
  • The British Psychological Society 
  • The National Counselling Society
  • The UK Council for Psychotherapy  
  • National Health Service Scotland 
  • The Scottish Government 
  • GLADD – The Association of LGBT Doctors and Dentists 
  • Pink Therapy 
  • Stonewall 


Original personal signatories 

  • Stephen Batchelor, Buddhist teacher and author, France / UK
  • Ron Eichhorn, President of the European Buddhist Union , Head Disciple of the Yun Hwa Denomination, Abbot of the Yun Hwa centre, Berlin, Germany
  • Munisha, Member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, Network co-ordinator and founding member of the Rainbow Sangha, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Dario Doshin Girolami, Abbot Centro Zen L’Arco, Founding member of the Rainbow Sangha, Rome, Italy
  • Dr Michael Vermeulen, Philosopher and Medical Doctor, member GLADD, Founding member of the Rainbow Sangha, London/Brussels, UK/Belgium
  • Jamie Cresswell, Vice President of the European Buddhist Union , Member of SGI-UK, UK
  • Stefano Bettera, Vice President of the European Buddhist Union , Vice-President Italian Buddhist Union, Italy
  • Gabriela Frey, Representative of the European Buddhist Union to the European Institutions, President Sakyadhita France, France
  • Michael Ritman, Member of the Council of the European Buddhist Union, President Buddhist Union of the Netherlands, The Netherlands
  • Isabelle Huet, Member of the Council of the European Buddhist Union, Member Reiyukai, France
  • Parami, Member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, UK
  • Satya Robin, Member of Amida Shu, Pureland Buddhism, UK
  • Trudy Fredriksson, Chair of the Buddhist Cooperation Council of Sweden, Sweden
  • Kurt Krammer, Founder Zendo Salzburg, Board chair of the Austrian Network of Engaged Buddhists, Austria
  • Jake Lyne, Teacher at the Western Chan Fellowship, UK
  • Jonathan MacAskill, Member Dechen Kagyu Buddhism, Manchester, UK
  • Val Stephenson, Member SGI-UK, UK
  • Patrick Duhoux, Member Reiyukai, France
  • Martin Schaurhofer, Representative of the Österreichische Buddhistische Religionsgesellshaft, Austria
  • Modgala, Member of Amida Shu, Pureland Buddhism, UK
  • Michel Aguilar, French citizen and Buddhist practitioner, France
  • Ricardo Guerrero, President of the Asociación Hispano de Buddhismo, Spain
  • Alain Colliard, President of the Association Reiyukai, France
  • Koen Vermeulen, Buddhist teacher, Zen, Belgium
  • Dr Martin Ramstedt, Buddhist meditation instructor, Shambhala, Germany
  • Ali Warner, embodied arts practitioner, London, UK
  • Alma Potter, world citizen and practicing Buddhist, USA / Austria
  • Bogumila Malinowska, Zen teacher at London Zen Centre and therapist/counsellor, London, UK
  • Peter Burke, London Shambhala Sangha, London, UK


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