About the EBU

About the EBU

Statement of Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

In 2013 in Churwalden (Switzerland), the Annual General Meeting adopted a new and present-day ‘Statement of Mission, Vision, Values and Goals’ to fine-tune our goals and the values that guide our actions.

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate international exchange and promote spiritual friendship amongst European Buddhists, to support social action and ideas motivated by Buddhist values, and to amplify the voice of Buddhism in Europe and worldwide.

Our vision

We envision a fellowship of European Buddhists bringing Buddhist ideas and principles into European society. We wish that the voice of Buddhism should help bring about a world guided by wisdom and compassion, for the happiness and wellbeing of all.

Our values

  • We believe in the limitless potential of all beings for wisdom and compassion. We are motivated by the values of non-violence, compassion, kind-heartedness and responsibility, which are at the heart of Buddhism.
  • We support the implementation of Human Rights, equality and individual responsibility for all, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, nationality, social origins, birth status or any other distinction.
  • We share the values that inspired the founders of the Council of Europe and the European Union: of creating and maintaining peace, solidarity and diversity across Europe, after centuries of war and discrimination, via free, democratic, open and non-discriminatory states.
  • We encourage openness, clarity and transparency within the EBU, and within the societies in which we live and work.
  • At the root of many modern difficulties may often be found greed, anger and prejudice. Though these may be personal and local in origin, their consequences may be global and collective. We believe that Buddhist practice, founded in a deep understanding of interconnectedness, can help transform attitudes.
  • We believe that oppression, discrimination, labour exploitation and all aspects of social and economic injustice should be transformed into openness, freedom, co-operation and peace.
  • With wisdom and compassion, unhealthy consumerism and over-exploitation of our planet can be transformed into care for all life forms and deep respect for the earth and its ecological diversity.

Our goals

  • to be the leading European network giving European Buddhists a voice in Europe through information, networking and action.
  • to develop capacity within particular European Buddhist communities; for example, teachers, mediators, hospice-workers and prison chaplains.
  • to promote dialogue amongst Buddhist traditions and with other religions, beliefs and philosophies.
  • to promote Buddhist culture, ethics, philosophy, politics, social action and practice in Europe.
  • to be a forum for discussion of teaching about Buddhism in European schools and universities, and to promote academic research and translation of Buddhist texts. 
  • to establish structural, informal and exploratory channels of communication between European Buddhists and the Council of Europe, the European Union and other European and international organisations.
  • to identify issues in European politics and culture where the voice of European Buddhism can make a positive contribution.
  • to inform European policy-makers about Buddhism in Europe and to inform European Buddhists about European policies.
  • to promote the activities of socially engaged Buddhists and share ideas about how Buddhism can contribute to a better world.
  • to build partnerships with other organisations to end discrimination and prejudice and promote human rights and the flourishing of all living beings.

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