About the EBU

About the EBU

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A European fellowship of Buddhists

We bring together almost 50 member organisations from 16 European countries. We cannot offer individual membership at present.

If your organisation agrees with our Statement of Mission, Vision, Values and Goals, but is not yet a member, please contact us

Annual General Meeting

Every year in September, representatives and volunteers from all traditions and all over Europe gather for the EBU Annual General Meeting (AGM), to share experience and shape the future of the EBU in workshops, dialogue and other activities. 

The first Annual General Meeting was held in Paris on 13th October 1975. Just before the end of the Cold War, a meeting was held on the Communist side of the Iron Curtain (Hungary, 1989).



EBU AGM Hamburg 2014 3

EBU AGM Hamburg 2014 4

EBU AGM Hamburg 2014 1

EBU AGM Hamburg 2014 2

Thomas presenting the project

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