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Partnerships with other organisations

We build partnerships with other international Buddhist organisations, and with other organisations with common goals (for example on ending discrimination & prejudice, on the promotion of human rights, etc.). The EBU is also a partner in the dialogue between religions, philosophies and non-confessional organisations.

IBC – The International Buddhist Confederation


The EBU is a founding member of IBC, the International Buddhist Confederation (New Delhi, 2014).

The International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) is a global umbrella body that represents the Collective Wisdom and United Voice of Buddhists worldwide. The IBC represents the rich diversity of Buddhism, providing a platform for the global Buddhist community to enjoy meaningful participation in the global discourse, to share their wisdom, promote their values and preserve their heritage.
The IBC is headquartered in New Delhi, India, the land from where all Buddhist traditions trace their roots.


ENORB – The European Network of Religion and Belief


The EBU is a founding member of ENORB, the European Network of Religion & Belief (Brussels, 2011).

The European Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB) is a network of European confessional and non-confessional organisations who want to combat discrimination and promote mutual understanding in the field of Religion and Belief. For example: prejudice and discrimination; freedom to dress and wear religious insignia; equalities in relation to gender and sexual orientation; employment in relation to religious or non-religious beliefs.
ENORB and its member organisations promote and work within the framework of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.


G3i – Groupe International, Interculturel et Interconvictionnel


Michel Aguilar (member of the EBU European Affairs Team and chair of the INGO Human Rights Committee of the Council of Europe) is also chair of the francophone ‘think tank with a focus on action’ G3i.

The G3i, an Inter-cultural, Inter-national et Inter-convictional Group (hence the name G3I), is an inter-convictional “think tank with an eye to action”.
Article 2 of the G3i constitution, “The objective of this ‘association’ is to work for the development of European Citizenship with an emphasis on threefold dialogue: international dialogue, especially among all the peoples of Europe, intercultural dialogue among all kinds of cultures — whether territorial or a diaspora — an inter-convictional dialogue among people with different world visions — whether they be atheist and non religious or based on religious convictions with their different beliefs as to ultimate issues. With this in mind, the G3i is keen to work for the development of new secular public spaces, distinct from those of religious institutions, which facilitate dialogue and sharing between people who claim a humanist identity — whether atheist or religious.”  To do this, the G3i brings together men and women from different countries of Europe, from different cultures and different religious convictions whether atheist or agnostic, as well as members of “associations” of which the greater part have participative status at the Council of Europe.


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