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EBU committees and networks

The EBU is organised in committees and facilitates several networks. Via our committee & networks we connect our members, establish a structural dialogue with European Institutions and organise events and conferences. We also support and run engaged Buddhist community networks on various themes all over Europe and make projects among our member organisations known to a wider public. If you want to contribute to the topic of a network (for example an article, a date for an event, a book, a video, …)  and/or if you would like to take part in a network, please email the network coordinator. click here for a schematic overview of all EBU committees and networks


National Buddhist Unions Committee

The National Buddhist Unions Committee meets regularly to exchange experiences, to discuss their concerns and how they can work better together with each other at the European level. The chairmanship and vice chair change annually in alphabetical order.

Contact: Gabriela Frey


Committee of European Affairs

The European affairs committee represent the EBU to the Council of Europe, the European Union and other European institutions. The team also keeps the EBU and its member organisations informed about current European affairs.

Coordinator: Gabriela Frey


EBU Events

Since it’s founding, the EBU has organised international conferences and congresses on Buddhism in Europe. 

Coordinator: Ron Eichhorn



Every year in September, representatives and volunteers from all traditions and all over Europe gather for the EBU Annual General Meeting (AGM), to share experience and shape the future of the EBU in workshops, dialogue and other activities.

Coordinator: EBU Council

Associated networks

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Buddhist Teachers in Europe

The purpose of this network is to facilitate open communication and understanding between European Buddhist Teachers of all Traditions.

Coordinator: Marcel Geisser

Shared interest networks

Buddhism and Women

Women and Buddhism

This network wants to provide news and information about the subject of “Women and Buddhism” to interested people in Europe.

Coordinator: Gabriela Frey


Rainbow Sangha

This network addresses the spiritual concerns of the Buddhist queer community and provides news and information about Buddhism and LGBT+ to interested people.

Coordinator: Michael Vermeulen

Experts’ networks

Cerchio Zen Monastery 1


The aims of the Buddhist Chaplaincy network are to offer support and training opportunities for those engaging with Buddhist Chaplaincy & to identify spiritual and pastoral needs within Buddhist communities to encourage greater community cohesion and social integration.

Coordinator: Dario Girolami

Other events and activities



Despite Buddhism’s reputation for stillness and withdrawal from the world, Buddhists are also engaged in various social-change projects. Buddhist Action Month (BAM) is a month-long festival in June every year to celebrate and practice Buddhist social action. Buddhists of many traditions will be engaging together in socially beneficial activities, rooted in Buddhist inspired values. 

Coordinator: Kaspa Thomson

The EBU also supports activities by its members & partners, and makes them known to a European-wide audience. See the EBU Events Calendar for future events.

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