About the EBU

About the EBU

Activities of the EBU

The European Buddhist Union is active on several domains to achieve its mission, in line with the values and goals that guide us.
(goals and values are specified in the EBU Statement of Mission, Vision, Values and Goals)

EBU committees and networks

The EBU is organised in committees and facilitates several networks. Via our committee & networks we connect our members, establish a structural dialogue with European Institutions and organise events and conferences.We also support and run engaged Buddhist community networks on various themes all over Europe and make projects among our member organisations known to a wider public.

If you want to contribute to the topic of a network (for example an article, a date for an event, a book, a video, …)  and/or if you would like to take part in a network, please contact the network coordinator.

Dialogue with European institutions

We facilitate dialogue between European decision makers and their Buddhist citizens. We also inform and update our member organisations about current European affairs and initiatives (for example in the field of Human Rights via the Council of Europe).

Partnerships with other international organisations

We build partnerships with other international Buddhist organisations, and with other organisations with common goals. The EBU is also a partner in the dialogue between religions, philosophies and non-confessional organisations.

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